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Vajra Enterprises Signs Jonathan Dotse of AfroCyberPunk Blog as Consultant

Vajra Enterprises, publishers of Fates Worse Than Death, is proud to announce that they have added Jonathan Dotse of the AfroCyberPunk blog as a consultant on the future of Africa.

Jonathan Dotseís new blog, AfroCyberPunk, has gained recent fame in the science fiction community. Jonathanís insightful and well-written essays have made a strong case for Africa as the natural home of a cyberpunk-style society.

At Vajra Enterprises, Jonathan will develop the future of Africa in its Fates Worse Than Death setting. Fates Worse Than Death is Vajra Enterprisesí flagship and best-selling product. Although Fates Worse Than Death focuses on the city of New York City in the dark future of 2080, players and readers have long wanted to know more about whatís happening beyond New York, and many have come up with fan-written expansions into new cities. Vajra Enterprises has used a number of informants from around the world to help develop the global history for the setting, but Jonathan will be the first paid consultant.

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The Fates Worse Than Death website, at has more information about the Fates Worse Than Death setting, including instructional videos, an animated cartoon, a free comic book, an interactive map and more.

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